I, (STEPHEN LURVEY) , am a designer attending the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
I, (STEPHEN LURVEY) , am currently working at MCAD's in-house design studio, DesignWorks and interning at The Walker Art Center.
This summer I worked in New York City as a design intern at Project Projects.
Here is my work:

The Way We Were, The Way We Are, a book comparing the year 1963 with today.


An interactive exhibition design for Made at MCAD 2015.


draw() is a set of randomly generated coloring books created using the program Processing.


Top 500 is an Arduino project visualizing how supercomputing power has increased over time.


Infinity is an Arduino project that counts.

A long single-page publication I did for Daniel Dean's Center for Advanced Applications.


Untraceable is my contribution to the risograph publication, "Look Over Here, Circle Circle Dot Dot", a collaborative effort on the topic of post-digital.


A look at hurricane naming and how it has historically affected death tolls in America.


Participation in Ficciones Typografika.


Older Projects
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19 Rules of Typography
Urban Framing
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