I, (STEPHEN LURVEY) , am a designer currently attending the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
I, (STEPHEN LURVEY) , am also working as a designer at the internet startup company Invisible Friend as well as MCAD’s in-house design studio DesignWorks.
Here is my work:

Interactive exhibition design for Made at MCAD 2015.


Top 500 is an Arduino project visualizing how supercomputing power has increased over time.


draw() is a set of randomly generated coloring books created using the program Processing.


Untraceable is my contribution to the risograph publication, "Look Over Here, Circle Circle Dot Dot", a collaborative effort on the topic of post-digital.


A look at hurricane naming and how it has historically affected death tolls in America.


Participation in Ficciones Typografika.


Older Projects
NEMS > Summer Reading
19 Rules of Typography
Urban Framing
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